About us.

With Suðuroyar Kajakk, we wish to offer you the possibility for a great advendture on the sea.
Founded in 2021.

Eyðfinn Debes
Owner of Suðuroyar Kajakk


Suðuroyar Kayak is founded after a small crowdfunding project on the website Hópfígging.fo. With Hópfígging, we wished to see what the interest in kayak rental was on our island. Until now, no offer of this kind existed in advance. With Hópfígging, the interest was fortunately so great that we reached our goal, and a little more.
Thanks to Hópfígging, Suðuroyar Kayak today has 5 double and 3 single Sit On Top kayaks and a SUP board, which rents for DKK 100 per hour per person. In addition, we have 6 dry suits and 6 wet suits, which can be rented for DKK 50 for 2 hours at a time.
Vágsfjord is very suitable for kayaking, compared to other fjords in the Faroe Islands. However, we recommend families row inside the pier. If you paddle further than the pier, you need a dry or wet suit. You can use your own wet or dry suit or rent from us.

Life is more beautiful at sea!